A hall of mirrored glass, where each pane shows a possibility - each a reflection of a different place and a different time. Enter freely, but tread softly - not all reflections are places of peace.
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Between the Kingdom of Ocean's Rest and the treacherous desert known as the Serpents' Pass lies the mountainous land of Unum. Below the rocky terrain is the Empire of Adeulus, home to the Dronassi. The land of Unum was created by the constant push and shove of Telania's super continent and over time the imperceptible struggle of the lands has caused the largest mountain chain in the world to form. Within these mountains are hoards of precious metals and crystals...and more. The largest mountain on the super continent is the staggering peak known to most as Shalhem. To the Dronassi, however, it is known by a different name - Nostasil, Staircase to the Goddess.

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