A hall of mirrored glass, where each pane shows a possibility - each a reflection of a different place and a different time. Enter freely, but tread softly - not all reflections are places of peace.
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 Roleplaying Resources

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Resources   Roleplaying Resources I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 26, 2011 7:01 pm

Howdy folks, KotG here, with a conveniently stickied thread for everyone's mutual use! Consider this thread a repository for all things needed to help you find your way into Roleplaying in a universe you're unfamiliar with, or in a particular time-frame/style that you've never played in/with before! I will leave this thread unlocked, for now, so that you can add in whatever resources you think appropriate, but if it starts getting too cluttered I'll consolidate them all into one post and you can just PM me suggestions.

1) The Mary Sue Litmus Test!

A very easy-to-use check-off list, I use this frequently when I'm done creating a new character - racking up a few points on this test isn't bad, but when you're checking three or four per section, well, think about changing things up a bit! Remember, this is a GUIDE-LINE. In the end, how you write the character determines the Sue-ishness, not the character itself!

2) Role-playing Tips!

Stuck on a certain post? Feeling a bit intimidated, maybe, by some of the other Roleplayers on the site? Or maybe you just feel like you could use a few pointers? This little site is VERY HELPFUL. It gives you a set of GUIDELINES (that's an important qualifier - you don't and shouldn't follow it exactly, 100% of the time) that you can look to if you're stuck on a post, or just feel like you could improve.

3) The Moderators and Administrators of this site!
We are here to HELP whenever you need it. Don't be afraid to ask if something's okay or not before you post, or get in on a Roleplay! Don't know about a certain universe? I guarantee you that if it exists, ONE of us will be knowledgeable enough to help you, or at least point you in the right direction. Read the above two links and still feeling nervous, or just want one or two pointers from one of us Paragons of Prose? Ask away! We won't mock you more than the obligatory paragraph's worth of humiliation, I assure you.
In all seriousness, WE LOVE TO HELP YOU. Please, PLEASE ask us, rather than not post in something because you don't feel 'good enough'. This is Roleplay. This is for fun. This is not serious business. We Roleplay to escape reality and its expectations and intimidations, so why bring in a whole new set of them for our chosen brand of escapism?


"Of course this is in your head. But what makes you think that means it isn't real?"
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Roleplaying Resources
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